Investment. Stewardship.
All joined up.

Time to break down barriers between investment, ESG and reporting teams. With Impactive as your central activity hub, all investment interactions, ESG engagements, voting and research sit in one awesome shared space.

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Bring information together to drive better decisions

Build up a 360⁰ view of your investments through centralised visibility of investment notes, ESG engagements, voting and research. No more messy spreadsheets, scattered files and time-consuming reporting prep.

Log Interactions

Keep tidy notes of your interactions with investee companies. Link to ESG themes and objectives for powerful tracking and reporting.

Set Engagement Objectives

Set out big-picture initiatives and more detailed engagement objectives. Link to single or multiple companies. See all related interactions and data.

Track Progress

Real-time charts and visual analysis help you to see engagement progress, spot problems and keep work on track.

Share Knowledge

Improve information-sharing across your firm. Access internal and external research and ratings in one place.

Manage Reporting

Confidently report on your engagements. Easily export data in formats primed for stewardship reporting.

View Ratings and Research

Build a clearer picture of how each portfolio company is performing on ESG by uploading internal and external research either manually or through APIs.


See the big picture

Your dashboard makes it so easy to see where you have been spending your time, how you are performing against your ESG objectives and where you need to focus your attention most.


Keep clean, consistent records

An intuitive system to help you log your interactions with investee companies and other organisations so that you can more effectively share knowledge internally and tackle ESG and client reporting with confidence.


Stay organised and connected

Set up initiatives and link your interactions with companies to clearly defined engagement objectives. Organise and assign tasks, helping your teams see immediately what they need to do, which tasks are a priority, and when work is due.


Bring research together

Showcase your internal and external research in the research hub. Impactive allows you to feed-in ratings and research from your preferred research providers, as well as in-house.


Report with ease

Custom and stewardship-optimised templates help you save time and produce richer reporting for clients, RFPs and regulators.


There is so much to explore

Here are some of the features you will love


Initiatives & projects

Engagement objectives

Sentiment signals

Quick meeting notes


Real-time collaboration

Task delegation


Progress tracking


Templates for regulatory reporting

Tagging by keywords

APIs & Integrations


Flexible technology

We know that one size doesn't always fit all. That's why we will work with you to customise elements of the platform to work seamlessly with your workflows and systems.

Bespoke integrations

We work with you to elegantly integrate your existing data feeds

Modern stack

Uses React web technology and MongoDB backend to provide a fast and reliable cloud experience


Set access permissions and controls with the flexibility to empower users while securing private data


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