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Let the Responsible Investment content come to you

No more scrambling for engagement activity content from different people in your organisation. Just log in to Impactive to see what your investment and ESG colleagues have been talking to companies about.

Reporting just got easier

Imagine being able to access the latest responsible investment updates and activities from your teams in seconds.

Easy reporting

Take the stress out of stewardship and regulatory reporting by having real-time access to all portfolio-related stewardship activity. Use our out-of-the box reporting templates or create your own with a bit of help from us!

Develop case studies

Showcase your impactful case studies on your ESG activities using our helpful templates.

Thematic and ESG data

Interactions and objectives are tagged so that you can more easily report on the themes and topics that your colleagues have been engaging with companies about. 

RFPs that resonate

More than ever, asset owners want to see a truly integrated responsible investment approach. By using a reliable system to support ESG integration, information sharing and reporting, you help put your firm at an advantage.

Avoid Greenwashing

With detailed, accurate and tracked engagement information, you can more confidently report on your responsible investment activities.

You’re in safe hands

We’re serious about security. Your data is protected by multi-layer security and encryption.


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